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Trip to Orenburg Region

September 1, 2010, Orenburg

Dmitry Medvedev visited a dairy plant, an agricultural producer Agrofirma Promyshlennaya and the Gvozdika garden settlement, and had a working meeting with Governor of Orenburg Region Yury Berg.

Orenburg Dairy Plant is the region’s biggest dairy plant producing 16 different types of products. Mr Medvedev visited the workshops where milk is delivered and cooled down, saw how the readymade goods are packaged, and tasted some of the plant’s dairy products.

The President then visited agricultural producer Agrofirma Promyshlennaya, one of the biggest suppliers of vegetables for public sector facilities such as hospitals and schools in the region. The company’s director, Viktor Golodnikov, told the President about the business’ operations, showed him some of its products, and outlined the problems the business encounters.

Dmitry Medvedev also visited the Gvozdika [Carnation] garden settlement. Speaking with gardens owners, the President stressed that there is no justification for a sharp hike in food prices, and noted too that he specially stopped by an Orenburg food shop to check for himself whether or not retail prices were reasonable. 

President Medvedev said that he has instructed the Agriculture Ministry and the antimonopoly watchdogs to suppress any attempts to raise prices without justification, and added that a similar instruction would be given to the regional governors.

Mr Medvedev also had a meeting with Governor of Orenburg Region Yury Berg to discuss the region’s problems, in particular the situation on the job market and in agriculture.

September 1, 2010, Orenburg