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Meeting with Maxim Reshetnikov

February 6, 2017, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin: Mr Reshetnikov, you are a Perm native, studied there, and began your career there.

Maxim Reshetnikov: Yes. I studied there, married there, had my children there.

Vladimir Putin: Actually, your wife had your children.

In any case, you have always kept alive your connection to your hometown, and continue to do so now. You rose up in the civil service there to the position of the Governor’s Chief of Staff.

Maxim Reshetnikov: Yes, that was the case. I was responsible for economic matters, and then I was Chief of Staff.

Vladimir Putin: We worked together in the Government when I was Prime Minister. You were a department head at that time.

Maxim Reshetnikov: Yes, Mr President, I attended the meetings you held, and that was a real learning opportunity for me.

Vladimir Putin: What if I were to propose that you return to your hometown as acting governor?

Maxim Reshetnikov: This would be a great honour for me and a sign of trust. It would in fact be a double responsibility for me because this is my native place, and it matters much to me, matters much to all of us. The region has great potential, but there is much work to do to put this potential to greater use for the local people’s benefit. There is plenty of room for progress.

Vladimir Putin: What do you see as the priority tasks for Perm Territory’s development?

Maxim Reshetnikov: I think there are two main tasks.

The first, of course, is social protection and developing the social sector, because undoubtedly we still have progress to make in the healthcare system, and in the education sector, taking into account the objectives that you set.

The other main task is economic development. Perm Territory is part of the country’s industrial backbone and it is very important that industry continues to grow and develop there, making use of new technologies and new opportunities. At the same time, the traditional business sectors linked to natural resources all need to work and develop effectively.

Vladimir Putin: You are quite familiar with the situation in Perm and, I hope, will do your best to live up to the people’s expectations and build on the previous team’s results.

Maxim Reshetnikov: Yes, Mr President. I appreciate your trust in me.


February 6, 2017, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region