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Working meeting with Penza Region Governor Ivan Belozertsev

April 22, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow

The Penza Region Governor informed the President about the region’s indicators of socio-economic development.

Ivan Belozertsev reported that overall 2018 was a successful year in the region’s economic and industrial development. Defence industry enterprises are coping with their assignments and the President’s instructions regarding the output of civilian goods is being carried out. In 2018, it grew by 12 percent, taking the second place in the Volga Federal District.

As for agriculture, the region leads in the Volga Federal District in many areas, in particular, the yield of grain and pulses, and is the biggest producer of turkey meat in the Russian Federation. A modern factory with a total capacity of 156,000 tonnes is now operating. There are two such plants in Europe. Meat is exported to 12 foreign countries. For instance, a trading house has been established in the United Arab Emirates. The construction of a turkey meat processing factory has got underway. Next year, it will already be manufacturing over 300 different turkey meat products.

The region is also working well with foreign investors. For example, Turkish businesses feel comfortable and are actively involved in the field of agriculture. A British company has already carried out a project involving rafters of poults. A plan to produce eight million eggs has been launched. The company decided to build two more factories that can produce a total of 24 million eggs.

The Governor said that the region is taking part in all the national projects. A total of 31.6 billion rubles have been allocated for this purpose. The region is taking an active part in the project Safe and Quality Roads and has been among Russia’s top three regions for two years.

Healthcare issues, the need to reduce the mortality rate and reach the President-determined indicators were also discussed at the meeting. The Governor asked the President to include Penza Region into the Healthcare National Project, specifically when it comes to oncology because the detection of stage 1 cancer has increased and the regional hospital has become overcrowded.

The Governor also told the President about the comprehensive development of the territory, in particular, the construction project in the city of Sputnik. Its first phase has been carried out. Some 30,000 people already live there; there are many young people and the birth rate is good. Kindergartens and a Water Sports Palace have been built. There is one problem, though, namely, the shortage of schools. A new school has opened but it is already overcrowded. The federal project provides for the construction of a school in the region in 2021 and the Governor asked the President to plan it a year earlier.

April 22, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow