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Ceremony to launch Gazprom helium hub

September 3, 2021, Russky Island, Primorye Territory

The President took part in the ceremony to launch Gazprom’s helium hub in Vladivostok, via videoconference.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: The Amur Gas Processing Plant is a major and very important project. I would like to say a few words to begin with.

Today we are opening an advanced helium tank logistics centre. Mr Miller and I spoke about this in detail just a couple of days ago. Just recently, the second production line and a helium liquefaction facility were launched at the Amur Gas Processing Plant. These are two of Gazprom’s large closely connected projects, with the helium hub in Vladivostok to receive helium from the Amur Plant and further deliver it to consumers.

I would like to thank all those involved in setting up and developing such cutting-edge production facilities of national importance. I know that the work is conducted actively, consistently and responsibly. The plant’s first production line was launched just recently, in June. The launch of the second production line is a major new step towards boosting the company’s capacities. We should preserve this high dynamic, which is actually required for all projects we are implementing both in the Far East and across the country.

Upon reaching its full operating capacity in 2025, the Amur Gas Processing Plant is expected to become the world’s largest complex to produce helium – a gas that is required by many high-tech industries. The plant will provide helium to domestic consumers and will allow Russia to take leading positions as a major helium supplier in the global market. As I said, the logistics hub in Vladivostok will play a crucial role here, with helium to be exported to other countries, including in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The construction of the first and so far the only helium hub in the country has become another considerable achievement by our specialists. The project gave an impetus to other advanced technologies to emerge, and generated orders for a number of related industries: for instance, a series of unique LPG-fuelled tractor trucks was built and launched into production together with KamAZ. Such prospective projects make a considerable contribution to the Russian regions’ economic and social development and create new highly qualified jobs. And, of course, we will further create conditions for launching such advanced facilities, carry out modernisation of our industry and improve the quality of raw material processing in accordance with the strictest environmental standards.

Friends, colleagues, thank you once again for your work and achievements. I wish you every success.

(Addressing Alexei Miller.) Please, go ahead.

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller: Mr President,

Building up the capacities of the Amur Gas Processing Plant is synchronised with increasing gas volumes from the Power of Siberia pipeline. On June 9, you launched the production at the first gas processing complex and today we start work along the entire technological chain – from the production site via a helium hub to end consumers.

The plant’s capacity is 60 million cubic metres of gas. It is the largest production facility in the world, and it will cover a third of the world’s helium demand. Russia and Gazprom will become leaders in the global helium market.

This is a modern plant with high-tech equipment that ensures nearly 100 percent helium purity.

The helium hub is located 1,500 kilometres from the Amur Gas Processing Plant. Insulated containers can only be transported by road or sea transport to avoid shocks and impacts. A special service structure has been set up to this end to service 50 KamAZ tractor trucks. These trucks have a pneumatic suspension and operate on liquefied natural gas.

The helium hub will perform over 4,000 operations with insulated containers per year. Meanwhile, there are only 2,000 containers to transport liquid helium throughout the world. Therefore, today we are launching the first helium hub in Russia which is the biggest in the world

(Reports were also made by Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk CEO Yury Lebedev and Gazprom Helium Service CEO Lyubov Brish.)

Alexei Miller: Mr President, I ask you to give the command to launch the helium hub.

Vladimir Putin: Begin.

Varvara Semyonova: Helium hub dispatcher Varvara Semyonova reporting.

All equipment is operating normally. Opening the valves.

The pressure and temperature are normal, liquid nitrogen and helium are passing into the insulated container preparation station.

Alexei Miller: Mr President,

Russia’s first and the world’s biggest helium hub has become operational.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Miller, colleagues.

My congratulations again.

The company has been progressing very successfully in diverse areas. And it is not just the production figures or natural gas sales in the domestic market, although the company has reached record-setting results in these crucial areas. But it matters even more that the company pays due attention to high technology, looks for new niches in the domestic and world markets and successfully resolves these issues thanks to your talent and hard work.

Thank you very much and all the best.

My congratulations on today’s achievement!

September 3, 2021, Russky Island, Primorye Territory