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Instructions following Eastern Economic Forum

October 19, 2022

Vladimir Putin endorsed a list of instructions following the Eastern Economic Forum, which took place on September 5–8, 2022.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to present proposals on improving the special legal regime for conducting business and other activities in the priority development areas. The instruction is aimed at providing the Far Eastern Federal District with Russia’s best conditions for entrepreneurship and ensuring the introduction of amendments to the legislation with a view to creating a special regime in the FEFD. This regime is designed to create the most favourable conditions for implementing high-tech projects and projects to produce competitive goods with high added value in cooperation with partners from friendly countries.

The Government was instructed to ensure the introduction of amendments into the strategy for developing the mineral resource base of the Russian Federation until 2035. The amendments envisage the extension of the strategy until 2050, laying special emphasis on the need to update provisions on geological prospecting for and processing of scarce minerals.

Instructions issued to the Government to ensure the efficient functioning of transport corridors, including the Northern Sea Route, concern the upgrading of the traction and rolling stock of railway transport; increasing the load of Russian shipyards with orders for producing container ships, dry cargo and bulk vessels, including ice-class ships; and ensuring the servicing of ships and processing of cargoes in the ports of the Northern Sea Route.

In addition, instructions to the Government concern, in part, establishing economically justified tariffs, a tight schedule and other competitive terms for shipping cargoes along the Northern Sea Route from the FEFD to Russia’s European part and back; expanding the aircraft fleet of the United Far Eastern Airline with the purchase of Russian-made aircraft; increasing federal budget allocations to develop sanitary aviation and agriculture in the FEFD; delivering coal products from the regions of the Russian Federation for eastward exports; and supporting the construction of a tourism infrastructure.

While working on the draft federal law on the federal budget for 2023 and the planned periods of 2024 and 2025, the Government was instructed to determine, in cooperation with the State Duma, the limits on federal budget allocations, as well as the limits on granting infrastructure budget loans and placing infrastructure bonds for city upgrading programmes in the Far East.

One more instruction concerns the requirement to ensure in 2023 and 2024 the annual allocation of 5 billion rubles for improving territories and creating a comfortable urban environment in residential areas with a population up to 250,000 in the FEFD.

Another instruction to the Government, jointly with Russian Railways and Bamtonnelstroy-Most, concerns the need to expedite the construction of the railway infrastructure of the Eastern Range Railway. In the process, they should consider the possibility of applying the concession mechanism and using extra-budget financing.

Individual instructions were issued to the Government jointly with DOM.RF and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects and the executive government bodies of the regions of the Russian Federation, which are part of the FEFD.

A number of instructions issued to the Government jointly with the executive government bodies of the regions of the Russian Federation, which are part of the FEFD, concern the opening before 2025 of 29 education-and-production clusters (training and production facilities) and no less than 900 modern workshops in secondary vocational schools for the training of personnel in the competences vital for the FEFD. Instructions also concern the opening in the FEFD in 2025 of affiliates of the Russian Institute of Theatre Art – GITIS, the Sergei Gerasimov Russian State Institute of Cinematography and the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute with a view to educating personnel for cultural institutions in the FEFD.

Instructions also concern the need to expedite housing construction in the FEFD, support shipments of domestic agricultural and food products in the Far Eastern Federal District and modernise local generation facilities of technologically isolated territorial electric power systems in the FEFD.

Instructions to the Government, jointly with the executive government bodies of the regions of the Russian Federation, concern the improvement of the mechanism for distributing catch quotas of aquatic biological resources, including crab, and directing, on a priority basis, the funds thus received to developing the infrastructure of the rural territories in the coastal regions and supporting the employment of the local population in the FEFD.

Some instructions were issued to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and Arctic, the Government Commission on Enhancing Economic Resilience to Sanctions and the Roscongress Foundation. 

October 19, 2022