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Greetings to participants in the 30th Russian Student Spring Festival

May 18, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent greetings in a video address to participants in the 30th Russian Student Spring Festival underway in Samara.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

I welcome you and congratulate you on the opening of the 30th Russian Student Spring Festival.

The first festivals were held here, in Samara. And of course, it is symbolic that today this wonderful hospitable Volga city, with its unique diversity of national traditions, has once again brought together young people from all regions of our country, as well as from the CIS countries and, I would like to point out, from the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

The Student Spring is not just a vibrant cultural event, but a huge space of young, creative energy, where everyone can discover new horizons and achieve success, thanks to their talents and skills in music, choreography, acting and other areas. For many, this festival, held under the auspices of the Russian Youth Union, launches their professional career on stage or in art, and, no less important, helps them to find like-minded people, mentors, true friends, and therefore reliable support in all future endeavours, regardless of which profession they will ultimately prefer.

Let me note that the Student Spring also includes numerous regional festivals, in which over 300,000 people participate annually. In 2019, it was the first creative project to become part of the Russia – Land of Opportunity platform. And now all its participants have even broader opportunities for self-realisation.

The festival’s rich programme and tours of the competition winners unite young people based on deep interest in the multifaceted national culture, including the creative heritage of the peoples of Russia. And thus they help to preserve and promote the richest cultural traditions of our multi-ethnic state and contribute to strengthening the unity of the country, which is extremely important for its further development.

In today's very dynamic world, deep knowledge, the desire to study constantly, and the ability to work in a team play a huge role for a student, a future professional. But in order to fully reveal your best qualities, you should be ready to serve people, society and your native country, show patriotism, responsible civic engagement, and get involved in the affairs of your region, city or village. In a word, it is important to feel and share the values that underpin our society. I am convinced that you, talented and dedicated young people, are going to build your life this way.

I want to wish you success in your studies, in all your endeavours and, of course, a creative spring mood. I am sure that the 30th Student Spring Festival will become a bright and unforgettable event for all its participants and guests.

All the best to you!

May 18, 2022