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Launching motor traffic on completed sections of Taurida motorway

August 27, 2020, Republic of Crimea

During his working trip to the Republic of Crimea, Vladimir Putin took part in the launch of motor traffic on the finished sections of the Taurida motorway. 

The President drove an Aurus limousine along a newly-built section of the Taurida motorway with Minister of Transport Yevgeny Ditrikh, VAD Director General Valery Abramov and VAD Chief Production Engineer Andrei Volkov.

The President inspected information boards highlighting the stages of building the motorway and spoke briefly with VAD workers. While speaking with the workers, the President noted that this road would spur the development of the entire peninsula. It is just as important as the power sector and water supply. Regional water shortages will also be resolved. All this allows Crimea to develop at a desired pace. Vladimir Putin also said that the Development of Crimea programme had been extended until 2024, and that it envisaged the construction of an additional 200 km of roads. 

After that, Vladimir Putin gave the green light to launching vehicle traffic along the newly-built sections.

The four-lane Taurida motorway has first technical category status and is located on the border of two Russian entities, namely, the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, a city of federal importance. The motorway is slated for completion in late 2023. A 250.7-km section between Kerch and Sevastopol will open before the year is out.

Under the road construction project, 95 engineering structures, including bridges and overpasses, as well as 18 transport interchanges and 30 pedestrian crossings with elevators for people with disabilities, will be built.

August 27, 2020, Republic of Crimea