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Order to allocate resources from reserve fund

February 11, 2021

Vladimir Putin signed the Order On Allocating Resources from the Reserve Fund of the President of the Russian Federation.

Resources from the Presidential Reserve Fund are to be allocated to subsidise the budget of Sevastopol with a lump-sum payment of 75,000 rubles to persons awarded the badge Resident of Besieged Sevastopol.

Residents of besieged Sevastopol were granted the status of Great Patriotic War veterans in 2020. Persons awarded the badge Resident of Besieged Sevastopol are classified as veterans and have the right to federal social support measures.

The defence of Sevastopol began on October 30, 1941, and officially ended on July 4, 1942. The city was under Nazi occupation for almost two years. It was liberated on May 9, 1944.

February 11, 2021