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Working meeting with Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev

November 2, 2022, Sochi

The President had a working meeting with Governor of the city of federal importance Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev.

Vladimir Putin noted at the beginning of the conversation that Sevastopol was developing according to the approved plans and received the necessary support and assistance from the federal centre and the federal budget under relevant programmes in full. He said that the Governor’s team was working hard to implement these plans, expand the city’s own capabilities and budgetary revenue, and revitalise the economy, infrastructure and the social sphere.

Mikhail Razvozhayev thanked the President for providing federal support to the city and the Moscow Government for helping Sevastopol. Speaking about the performance results, he noted that this year the gross regional product was expected to reach 186.6 billion rubles, an increase of 12 percent compared to 2021, despite the sanctions pressure and restrictions. The unemployment level practically equals the margin of error, and almost everyone who wants to work can find a job. The nominal average wage is growing. Investment amounted to 40 billion rubles in 2021 and 61.8 billion rubles in 2022, where extrabudgetary investment totalled 33.6 billion rubles. The execution of the 2022 budget has reached 70 percent. The city’s own budget revenue has increased by 23 percent this year. The federal targeted programme has been fulfilled by 67.2 percent. By the end of the year, all the planned targets will be achieved, and 35 facilities are to be put into operation.

According to the Governor, tourism business revenues have increased despite the fact that the city’s airport was shut down this year and despite other circumstances. This revenue totalled 310 million rubles last year and is expected to reach almost 500 million this year.

Winegrowing and wine-making businesses are developing. As many as 341 hectares of new vineyards have been planted this year, and 26,000 tonnes of grapes have been harvested this year, which is 30 percent more than in 2021. Plans for 2022 provide for producing 28 million bottles of Sevastopol wine, which is regarded as very good. Experts appreciate it, and some brands have gained popularity.

The Governor recalled that next year Sevastopol would celebrate its 240th anniversary. The completion of many social facilities, kindergartens and schools will be a major contribution to the celebrations.

Mikhail Razvozhayev said it was hard to resolve one particular issue without the support of the federal Government and the President. This concerns the Sevastopol Marine Plant (Sevmorzavod), the city’s oldest enterprise. As per the President’s Executive Order, it became part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Its workers are currently working on two orders for building floating cranes, with a displacement of 400 and 700 tonnes. They will be commissioned next year. However, the prospects for future orders remain unclear. The Governor asked the President to instruct the concerned officials to study the possibility of including the enterprise in the state defence procurement programme, especially at a time when the Government is prioritising the development of the defence industry complex.

The Governor also recalled that Sevastopol had a world-class research and educational centre whose specialists could develop seagoing drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The city’s marine instrument-making plant and other organisations boast impressive, Soviet-era expertise. He suggested using Sevmorzavod [Sevastopol Marine Plant] production facilities and the intellectual potential of the local university and the said research and educational centre to establish a facility that would develop unmanned surface drones and UAVs.

The Governor also discussed the issue of providing assistance to the new territories. In May, an agreement was signed on assistance for the Starobelsk District in the Lugansk People’s Republic. In July, a similar agreement was signed with the Melitopol District and the city of Melitopol in the Zaporozhye Region. Active work is underway: equipment is being delivered, experts from the Russian Ministry of Construction are monitoring preparations for the autumn-winter heating season, and social facilities are being rebuilt.

The President and the Governor also discussed support for service personnel involved in the special military operation, including the relevant payments and benefits.

Vladimir Putin underscored the special significance of supporting all soldiers fulfilling their civil and military duty during the special military operation. This concerns everyone involved in this operation, all service personnel, including those who are getting involved in this effort through mobilisation, the President said. The country needs to think about all of them and to provide direct and targeted assistance to them, their families and relatives.

The President thanked the Governor, members of his team and deputies of the legislative assembly for their initiatives. He noted that supporting these people was mandatory for all government levels, including federal, regional and municipal. Vladimir Putin said he would instruct the Presidential Executive Office to select the best support options.

The President also promised to issue the relevant instruction regarding the marine plant to the Government and the United Shipbuilding Corporation. He noted that, since its inception, this famous enterprise had built 500 new ships and repaired over 5,000 ships. Of course, the issue regarding the plant’s workload must be resolved, he added.

November 2, 2022, Sochi