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Greetings on 80th anniversary of Smolensk Region

September 23, 2017

Vladimir Putin congratulated Smolensk Region residents on the 80th anniversary of the region’s establishment.

The message reads, in part:

“You truly have a great deal to be proud of. In the old days, the Smolensk land secured Russia’s western boundaries, and served as an outpost blocking the way to Moscow. That said, Smolensk Region is not just about military exploits. This is where many outstanding writers and poets, commanders and statesmen were born and raised. This is the home region of the world’s first cosmonaut Yury Gagarin. Their feats and achievements are a worthy example of civic duty and the unwavering commitment to serving their Fatherland.

It is important that you honour the region’s history and the memory of your fathers and grandfathers. You must take real action and initiative to promote the region’s socioeconomic development and deliver on the infrastructure development objectives it faces.”

September 23, 2017