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The Main Naval Parade in St Petersburg

July 29, 2018, St Petersburg

On Navy Day, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief reviewed the Main Naval Parade that took place on the Neva River.

This year, more than four thousand Navy personnel from the Baltic, Northern and Black Sea fleets and the Caspian Flotilla, as well as more than 40 ships and motor boats of various kinds, along with a Navy aviation group all took part in the parade.

Before the main part of the parade, the President sailed round the combat ships, which were lined up for the parade in the inner harbor of Kronstadt, and welcomed their crews. The President also visited the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

* * *

Speech at the Main Naval Parade

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade sailors, midshipmen, petty officers, officers and admirals,

Dear veterans,

Residents of St Petersburg,

My congratulations to you on Navy Day!

I congratulate all those who guard the maritime boundaries of our Motherland, take part in long-distance expeditions, and all those who have dedicated their lives to the surface and submarine forces, naval aviation, coastal defence troops, and who are committed to serving to the glory of the Russian Navy.

Honour and valour, being true to one’s duty and oath have always been and will remain the underpinnings of the spectacular victories won by our Navy. For more than three centuries now, the Russian fleet has enabled Russia to affirm its status as a great naval power, capable of standing up for its national interests and protecting its shores.

The fleet’s history is personified by the courage, valour and spirit of its sailors and officers. Their devotion to the Fatherland served as a guiding light for bold pioneers, and inspired ship builders to reach new heights by developing engineering marvels. These glorious traditions cannot fail to inspire current generations.

The celebration of Navy Day emphasises the power of the sacred maritime brotherhood that unites all Navy bases and units of the Baltic, Northern, Pacific, Black Sea fleets and the Caspian Flotilla.

The Russian Navy has been successful in ensuring our national defence capability, and continues to make a substantial contribution to the fight against international terrorism, while also playing a vital role in guaranteeing strategic parity. Every day dozens of ships and submarines ensure the defence of Russia’s interests in any part of the World Ocean.

We have every right to be proud of our Navy, our Naval forces, their high-class combat readiness, strategic, tactical and operational capabilities, as well as the power and beauty of the Russian fleet.

Our people have always admired the sailors of our Navy, since only the brave and resilient can shoulder maritime service, and understand the value of military readiness, strict discipline, unity and chivalry. Together with having the latest knowledge and irreproachable skills in mastering the latest advances in military hardware, these qualities enable our Navy to deliver on even the most complex missions.

Thank you for your service, for proudly upholding the image of a fearless and indestructible Russian fleet!

Happy holiday!


July 29, 2018, St Petersburg