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Reception to mark Navy Day

July 28, 2019, St Petersburg

Vladimir Putin attended the official reception to mark Navy Day at the Admiralty building.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades, veterans,

Today, Russia is honouring its glorious Navy. We feel proud of its history and feats, and its mariners' untainted service to the Fatherland.

For the naval brotherhood and all generations of mariners, being true to the Motherland has been and remains a powerful spiritual foundation for rich naval traditions. For over 300 years, seamanship has been one of the most respected professions in Russia. Our people highly value the courage and bravery of sailors, the will and boldness of naval officers, the discipline and unity of naval crews and their strong skills in long and difficult naval missions, staying unfailingly committed to the Russian Navy traditions, and the solid security of the Fatherland's maritime boundaries.

The tasks Russia's Navy solves today require advanced knowledge and extensive professional skills. However, being true to the rough and exciting power of the sea and feeling proud of their ships remain important for mariners. As writer Leonid Sobolev rightly put it, ”No naval heart will be able to ever forget his own ship.“


Today, Russia boasts the world's longest maritime boundary with access to three oceans. We have a powerful navy with a great history, which has been shaped by the labour, talent, will and victories of our mariners over many generations.

Our duty is to enrich the might of the Russian Navy, its surface and submarine forces, coastal units, and naval infantry. Their successful development is an essential condition for boosting the security of Russia and its citizens.

The Government has taken enormous efforts to strengthen the naval fleet. The share of advanced naval pieces of armament and military hardware has exceeded 62 percent. We have to move beyond that, to work consistently and to fully use the latest developments of our researchers, engineers and designers.

I would like to thank all those who work in the country's defence industry sector and, of course, Russian shipbuilders, those excellent masters who work at Russian shipyards.

Our reception is taking place at the Admiralty, which is rightfully considered the symbol of the Russian Navy's creation, development and glory. Once again, my congratulations to you on this holiday. Here is to the Russian Navy, its power and victories, to our mariners, their commitment to the Motherland, and to Russia!

July 28, 2019, St Petersburg