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Monument to Daniil Granin unveiled in St Petersburg

November 27, 2019, St Petersburg

Vladimir Putin attended the unveiling of a monument to writer and public activist Daniil Granin.

A bronze sculpture has been erected on Dalnevostochny Prospekt, not far from the cultural and educational centre at the Daniil Granin Library. A monument to war-veteran writer erected by the Russian Military Historical Society.

The President laid flowers at the monument.

* * *

Speech at the unveiling ceremony

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, Mrs Chernyshova-Granina, ladies and gentlemen,

Today we are here to unveil a monument to Daniil Granin. And, as Mr Stepashin has just said, his life, the life of Daniil Granin, our outstanding compatriot and contemporary, was inextricably linked with Leningrad, now St Petersburg. As a personality, he, too, absorbed the best features of his hometown, because this city had definitely become home to him and personified a true Russian intellectual – honest, conscientious, and decent.

The works of Daniil Granin depict the events of almost the entire 20th century. An author, a war veteran, a thinker and a public figure, he has earned the recognition, love, and respect of millions of people. Yet, he never stopped in his creative and spiritual search. Like many characters of his books, he always strove for knowledge and for the truth.

The war was naturally the most intense motive in Daniil Granin’s books. He volunteered to fight at the frontline, and defended Leningrad in the most difficult, unbearable days of the siege. The heroism and suffering of the besieged city residents remained forever in his heart. Together with Ales Adamovich, he wrote A Book of The Blockade, the first evidence of those terrible years, without exaggeration, striking in its truth.

Daniil Granin was confident that justice and truth always win in the end; he understood the deep meaning of human life, called it a miracle that was to be preserved as the greatest good. He did a lot to revive the traditions of mercy and philanthropy in society; in literature, journalism, and his social activities he always upheld such values as kindness, compassion and disinterested help to people who need support and attention.

Friends, this year we mark the centenary of Daniil Granin’s birth. His life was incredibly full and diverse, and his creative and spiritual heritage is important for all of us today and, I am sure, it will be as relevant for future generations.

His books about innovative scientists obsessed with the pursuit of scientific discoveries, are acquiring a new, modern perspective today. His strong belief that the importance of humans actually increases in the era of technological breakthroughs remains relevant.

Daniil Granin always emphasised the importance of moral values, something he saw as the foundation of a healthy, cohesive society, and with his whole life, he proved the resilience of those values he upheld in his literary and journalistic work, during meetings with his readers, and with people in general. He never went back on his beliefs, generously sharing his amazing inner radiance.

Daniil Granin’s name and his services to the Fatherland definitely deserve to be immortalised in a monument. Yet, his abundant cultural heritage, his devotion to the ideas of humanism, and enlightenment, and loyalty to our country commemorate him best.

Thank you.

November 27, 2019, St Petersburg