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Greetings on 85th anniversary of St Petersburg Judo Federation

October 28, 2020

Vladimir Putin greeted participants and guests of the anniversary event marking 85 years since the establishment of the St Petersburg Judo Federation.

The message reads, in part:

“Founded in 1935 as the Leningrad Freestyle Judo Wrestling Club, the federation grew into a major training and physical fitness centre that brings together talented and dedicated coaches, enthusiasts and educators. These are the people who have trained many wonderful disciples, passing on their knowledge and experience and teaching them how to achieve success – both on the tatami, in their careers and in life in general. One of the brilliant mentors and masters from this constellation was Anatoly Rakhlin. The Traditional Junior Tournament named after him is one of the most remarkable and anticipated events in young athletes’ calendar.

It is thanks to these true devotees that judo is so extremely popular in our country. It is a joy to see that members of the federation treasure the creative and educational legacy of their predecessors and do everything to make sure that this sport, which combines martial arts and a philosophy, continues to develop in St Petersburg and across Russia and continues to attract more followers into its universe.”

October 28, 2020