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Dmitry Medvedev discussed the draft law On the Police Force with representatives of law enforcement agencies and members of the public of the Stavropol Territory

August 19, 2010, Pyatigorsk

During the meeting, the President emphasised that the new law must contain the clearest, most precise definitions possible, and that all ambiguities must be eliminated. Mr Medvedev noted the importance of a broad public discussion of the document.

At the meeting in Pyatigorsk, the President discussed the draft law On the Police Force with members of the public and police officers. Dmitry Medvedev did not support the suggestion to delay the law’s entry into force after its signing, noting that this could extend the process of reforming the Ministry of the Interior over decades, which cannot be permitted.

Dmitry Medvedev also noted that the federal model for police force activities was introduced in the law not to further centralize government authorities, but rather, to concentrate and effectively distribute resources. After fulfilling the objectives set to create a modern police force, some of the authority may be returned to the regions. In the long term, it is imperative to create a police system that will have strong federal, regional, and municipal components.

The President agreed that the draft law must clearly spell out the mechanism for creating social control authorities. Dmitry Medvedev emphasised that the law On the Police Force is a directly applicable law, and any citizen, by opening this law, should get answers to all of his or her questions. According to the President, the police are currently the law enforcement agency that has closest contact with society, so it is imperative to think seriously about how to build a model for their interactions. The law proposes establishing a new model of partnership between the police and society.

During the meeting, the President announced that a separate law on social protection for Ministry of the Interior personnel will be ready very soon.

August 19, 2010, Pyatigorsk