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Greetings to Congress of Republic of Tatarstan Ethnicities

April 22, 2017

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the Congress of Ethnicities of the Republic of Tatarsta.

The message reads, in part:

“I consider this forum, which has brought together delegates from many cities and regions of Tatarstan, members of public organisations and ethnic and cultural associations, to be a major landmark event both for the Republic of Tatarstan and for Russia as a whole. Tatarstan is rightfully famous for and treasures its ancient history, the cultures and customs of the many different peoples residing here, and, above all, the unique traditions of trust, mutual understanding and hospitality that have since time immemorial been at the core of interpersonal relations in this country.

I would like to stress that it is a priority of our state to preserve the identity and distinctive character of each ethnicity, strengthen peace, and promote inter-ethnic and inter-faith accord. I am therefore certain that support for minority language programmes, schools, cultural and educational centres will be continued, and educational, interregional and international projects will be carried out.

I am convinced that this much needed and very serious endeavour requires the joint efforts of state authorities, civil society, scientific and other experts.”

The Congress of the Ethnicities of the Republic of Tatarstan opened on April 22, in Kazan.

April 22, 2017