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Meeting with Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov

May 20, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin had a meeting, via videoconference, with Head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

The discussion focused on measures to counter the coronavirus infection and issues pertaining to the development of the Republic.

Rustam Minnikhanov briefed the President on the stiff restrictions imposed in Tatarstan, including maximum self-isolation, the suspended operation of enterprises and institutions, on incentive payments for medical workers and the increased number of hospital beds. The number of tests conducted in the Republic every day has increased to almost 4,000. Industrial facilities have been adjusted to manufacture personal protection equipment and antiseptics.

As of today, there are 2,475 confirmed coronavirus cases in Tatarstan. Of this number, 954 have been hospitalised and 21 are on artificial lung ventilation. Regrettably, eight people who had chronic diseases have died. But 1,362 patients have recovered. Overall, the situation has stabilised.

The republican authorities have decided to gradually lift the restrictions. In early May, all enterprises resumed operation but continue to strictly comply with sanitary requirements. Rustam Minnikhanov said that this had allowed them to prevent a plunge in production figures. The industrial production index in April amounted to 94 percent of the IPI for April 2019. Electricity consumption has decreased by only 7 percent.

Price fluctuations on the oil and petrochemicals market and falling demand for these products have had a major impact on export-oriented companies in the oil and oil processing sectors, which has decreased budget revenues. Rustam Minnikhanov said they need federal assistance to support these exporters, because Russia’s Western partners are introducing additional duties and restrictions.

The Head of Tatarstan thanked the President for the decisions to support the automobile and aircraft industries as well as the defence, fuel and energy, construction and transportation sectors. In April, KAMAZ turned out 3,113 vehicles and at least 2,800 will roll off in May. The republican helicopter and aviation plants continue working.

Agricultural companies are functioning normally, and the construction and road-building sectors have not suspended operation.

The implementation of national projects is a clear priority as 50 republican programmes are being implemented within their framework.

Vladimir Putin and Rustam Minnikhanov also discussed support for families with children and those who had lost their jobs, as well as assistance to businesses, the development of cooperation ties and the encouragement of domestic demand. The Head of Tatarstan put forth a number of proposals in these fields.

Vladimir Putin asked him to focus on the social problem of the growing number of unemployed and added that he planned to hold a videoconference on this issue. The President also promised to support the construction of an infectious diseases hospital and the Greater Kazan Ring Road.

Vladimir Putin also raised the issue of the upcoming Muslim holidays. He told the Head of Tatarstan that he had discussed it with the leaders of Daghestan in light of the coronavirus epidemic. Rustam Minnikhanov assured the President that they were not planning any mass events in Tatarstan and that celebrations would be held at home. He added that they were in agreement with the religious leaders on that score.

Rustam Minnikhanov recalled that celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Tatarstan were scheduled to be held this year. He said that the main event would be held on August 30 and invited the President to attend it.

The Head of Tatarstan noted that his term in office would expire in September and that he was prepared to continue working and could run for re-election. The President said he would support Rustam Minnikhanov’s nomination as candidate for the head of the republic, thanked him for his contribution during his previous terms and wished him success in the next term.

May 20, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region