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Working meeting with Tomsk Region Acting Governor Sergei Zhvachkin

August 21, 2017, Sochi

Mr Zhvachkin briefed the President on the socioeconomic situation in Tomsk Region. Among the issues discussed at the meeting were complaints from local residents sent in during the Direct Line with the President.

Mr Zhvachkin spoke of the projects in science and innovation, and social sector initiatives implemented in the region. The region has recreated an innovative infrastructure and is developing innovative business.

The region’s current priorities include competitiveness and technical upgrading, Mr Zhvachkin said. The regional government is working with the Natural Resources Ministry, universities and big business, in particular Gazpromneft, to develop specific proposals for extracting 506 million tonnes of explored heavy oil reserves.

Mr Zhvachkin set out his proposals for the region’s technological development, in particular, plans to get universities involved in fundamental research and proposals on a number of social projects in the region. One of these involves bringing quality drinking water supplies to 300 settlements. New research has made it possible to develop special, relatively low-cost water treatment installations.

Mr Putin underscored the need to remain mindful of people’s direct everyday needs, even while carrying out big regional projects. The President also drew Mr Zhvachkin’s attention to a number of complaints that he received from Tomsk Region residents during the Direct Line. They concern matters such as wage arrears, resettlement from dilapidated housing, and other current matters.

Mr Zhvachkin said that he will take part in the gubernatorial election in this autumn, and Mr Putin wished him good luck and success.

Tomsk Region will hold its gubernatorial election on the single voting day on September 10.

August 21, 2017, Sochi