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Greetings on Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area’s 90th anniversary

December 10, 2020

Vladimir Putin congratulated Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area residents on the region’s 90th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“The history of your region ranks among the bright and heroic pages of the development of remote areas of the Extreme North and Western Siberia and their unique natural resources. The selfless work and perseverance of many generations of your ancestors, including geologists, builders, and oil and gas industry workers have created a reliable local infrastructure to prospect for and produce mineral deposits, and built cities and towns, power plants and roads.

Today, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area has a powerful production, technological and human potential, and makes a truly invaluable contribution to strengthening strategic sectors of the national economy and guaranteeing the country’s energy security. The region is successfully implementing much-needed programmes in education, support for motherhood and childhood, healthcare and culture, ecology and tourism. And, of course, the region is tirelessly working on preserving the unique customs and traditions of the small indigenous ethnic groups living in this ancient land.”

December 10, 2020