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Meeting with Yaroslavl Region business representatives

April 25, 2017, Rybinsk

In Rybinsk, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the business community in the Yaroslavl Region.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues,

You may have noticed that I try to meet with representatives of the business community, business people, and representatives of the manufacturing and service industries when I go out to the regions. These meetings are generally substantive and useful for us. When I say “us,” I refer to my colleagues – you can see here the Finance Minister, the Minister of Economic Development, the Acting Governor, the Minister of Industry, and my aide on economic issues.

I am not going to make lengthy introductory remarks, because you know better than anyone the potential of the Yaroslavl Region, the industrial potential of Yaroslavl. In other sectors, industrial production is highly developed and diversified. Today, we are visiting Viktor Polyakov [head of the NPO Saturn Research and Production Company]. And today – you will hear about it, if you have not heard or seen it already – we congratulated the entire staff of the enterprise on the major progress they have achieved.

We have created what is essentially a new school of research and an innovative branch of marine engine production, which did not exist in Russia before, since we were buying everything from Ukraine. However, [strained relations with Ukraine] were a blessing in disguise. When the restrictions on supplies were put in place, we rose to the occasion, quickly and skilfully resolving the issue of marine engine production for ships designated for near and far maritime zones.

This is just one example of what the Yaroslavl Region can do. The local nature is beautiful, and tourism can be further promoted here. You are aware of all this yourself, and we would like to find out what we do not know yet, such as your problems, difficulties, plans and prospects.


April 25, 2017, Rybinsk