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Working meeting with Acting Governor of Yaroslavl Region Dmitry Mironov

April 25, 2017, Rybinsk

Concluding his working trip to the Yaroslavl Region, Vladimir Putin met with Acting Governor of the region Dmitry Mironov.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Mironov, first of all I would like to thank you for having gathered here such competent, efficient, interesting and simply very nice people. It seems to me that this is a useful conversation, and will be of importance not only for the Yaroslavl Region and the local economy and industry, but some of the issues that have been raised are important for the national economy as a whole. The government will take on some of the problems, and we will resolve them.

How are you doing at your new post? How would you assess the results of launching into the affairs of such a complicated and important region?

Acting Governor of Yaroslavl Region Dmitry Mironov: Thank you very much, Mr President.

First of all, I would like to thank you for meeting with the heads of industrial enterprises, with the business community today. Indeed, that meeting was very important, and we could see how strongly company executives are interested in the development of their facilities, in creating new high-tech jobs. Indeed, the government of the Yaroslavl Region maintains ongoing contact with representatives of businesses and large industrial enterprises.

In November, when you opened a new diesel production facility at the Yaroslavl diesel plant, I had just started to get into things and outline tasks and solutions to work on. As of right now, I believe a great deal has been done.

We have drawn up a development programme, a development strategy for the Yaroslavl region through 2025. It is called Ten Growth Points. As part of this programme, we are developing industry, and today, looking at the NPO Saturn Research and Production Company, we can see how dynamically industry is developing.

We have done a lot to resume our relations with Gazprom. Last week we had a working meeting with Alexei Miller [Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee]. Because the region had a major gas debt, these relations were frozen. However, as a result of talks, and with your support, we managed to sign a regional gas infrastructure development programme through 2021. The volume of investment was about 3 billion rubles.

We are also drafting a contract to build a liquefied gas plant in the region, with an investment volume of about 2 billion rubles. This will allow us to develop remote rural areas and convert equipment to run on natural gas motor fuel.

In addition, Gazprom has helped us and will be actively involved in building 20 school stadiums and five sports and fitness complexes. This is a very good, socially important project.

At present, as a result of negotiations, we have received subsidies from the Russian Sports Ministry to build a biathlon run, a biathlon facility in the town of Demino near Rybinsk. We will have a biathlon centre there, which will help develop sport in the region. Here in Rybinsk we will open a children’s technopark later this year, called Quantorium. It will provide vocational guidance to young people to prepare them for work at enterprises of the Yaroslavl Region.

Of course, the most pressing problem is roads, road construction and maintenance. The Yaroslavl agglomeration has received funding from the federal targeted project Safe and Good Quality Roads, as well as from the regional budget, that we will use to repair regional roads.

Mr President, I would like to consider the Yaroslavl Region development programme through 2025. It is called Ten Growth Points. About 6,500 citizens took part in discussing it and putting forward proposals, and an expert group worked for a long time to bring this document about. Today, I am able to see the direction we should move in. The region’s citizens actively supported the programme and the direction of our further development.

Last September, Mr President, you entrusted me with the responsibility of acting governor of the Yaroslavl Region. I have made the decision to run for governor of the Yaroslavl Region this coming September. I hope that the region’s residents will support me.

Vladimir Putin: You have not been working here very long. The Yaroslavl Region is one of the key regions of the Russian Federation. It is complicated, with a complex economy and well-developed industry. There is not much time for getting into things but I can see that you are working with pleasure and are doing a good job. The issues are challenging, of course. It is very good that you have drawn up a development programme with the participation of citizens and the business community. It should be fulfilled and I hope that you will succeed. I also hope that the people will support you in the September election. I wish you luck.

Dmitry Mironov: Thank you very much, Mr President.


April 25, 2017, Rybinsk