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Meeting with members of the public of Yaroslavl Region

September 1, 2017, Yaroslavl

Vladimir Putin met with members of the public of the Yaroslavl Region on board the Rossiya river cruise ship.

Acting Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Dmitry Mironov also took part in the meeting.

Before the conversation, the President saw the latest product of Yaroslavl’s Paritet company – hydrofoils.

* * *

Opening remarks at the meeting with members of the public of Yaroslavl Region

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon,

You have probably noticed that during my visits to the regions I am trying to meet representatives of both business and the public. Naturally, it is impossible to talk with everyone but I still gain a general impression that is useful for me and my colleagues, as well as the Government and the relevant region.

I hope it is useful for a particular region because if we reveal some problems during such meetings, we try to bring a positive influence to the situation together with the regional team and government.

Yaroslavl has very good potential. You know this even better than me. It has everything – industry, agriculture and science. I must say a lot was done in the past few years. I hope even more will be done in the near future with your talents and the efforts of your administration.

Let us talk about this. What interesting areas do you see, what questions would you like to ask and what problems need special attention in your opinion?

As far as I understand, Mr Mironov and the team he is assembling from among the region’s residents prepared a development programme for a fairly long term.

This is very important because as we know well, victory belongs to those who have a plan. If you have a plan, that is great.

We can discuss this issue or any other that you consider important.


September 1, 2017, Yaroslavl