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Meeting with small business representatives

July 2, 2010, Birobidzhan

In Birobidzhan Dmitry Medvedev met with Jewish Autonomous Region’s small business representatives to discuss, among other issues, transportation costs, mortgages, and the fight against corruption.

The problem of transportation and energy costs involved in local production was one of the main issues raised at the meeting. The President said that the question of introducing preferential conditions applying to transport specifically in the Far East region could be looked into. He also noted the need at the same time to address targeted support to small businesses and stressed that an overall system of preferential conditions for remote regions can only be a temporary option and not an effective long-term solution. 

On the question of energy costs, Mr Medvedev said that rather than introducing preferential conditions, the region should focus on developing its internal resources, building new facilities and optimising old ones, which use energy wastefully. Construction of new electricity generating facilities is an issue that should be settled at regional rather than federal level, the President emphasised. 

The meeting took place in a workshop at the FOMA Furniture Factory, which Mr Medvedev first toured before starting the discussions. Earlier, the President visited an exhibition, also held at the factory, of goods produced by local small- and medium-sized businesses.

July 2, 2010, Birobidzhan