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Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Naryshkin took part in a meeting on improving Russia’s state control system

December 13, 2011

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Naryshkin said that checks of the civil servants’ income declarations in the first half of 2011 resulted in 1,600 civil servants being dismissed. Mr Naryshkin also said that on December 5, the President signed a federal law introducing a rotation system for civil servants, which will reduce corruption risks in the executive power system at all levels.

Mr Naryshkin stressed the importance of continuing efforts to protect the rights of businesspeople. This is a task for which the Prosecutor General’s Office bears the main responsibility, he said, noting too that 2011 saw a decrease in the number of checks of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carried out by the inspection bodies.

Mr Naryshkin put particular emphasis on the questions of redistributing budget revenue in favour of local self-governments, improving the quality of control over these bodies, raising the professional level of control authorities’ personnel, and introducing modern inspection and control methods.

December 13, 2011