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Ceremony for presenting state decorations to the silver and bronze medallists of 2012 Paralympic Games in London

September 11, 2012, The Kremlin, Moscow

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Ivanov presented state decorations to Russian athletes who won silver and bronze medals at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.


The Order For Services to the Fatherland, I degree has been awarded to seven athletes, the Order For Services to the Fatherland, II degree to 29 athletes, and three athletes received the Presidential Certificate of Honour.

The ceremony was held in the Malachite Hall at the Grand Kremlin Palace.

* * *

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive office Sergei Ivanov: Good afternoon, friends,

I want to extend my congratulations on your brilliant performance at the XIV Paralympic Games. The results testify to your triumph: you have brought back more than 100 medals, twice as many gold medals as in the last Paralympic Games in Beijing. It is a great result and we rejoice for you. It is symbolic, perhaps, that you have achieved such a brilliant result in the homeland of the Paralympic Games, in the UK. That’s great!

You have coped brilliantly with the challenge. Your winning spirit defeated almost all of your competitors, including, as I said, the British athletes. Without exaggeration, your achievement is a huge breakthrough for the Russian Paralympians, and yet it is an absolutely expected result because since its first appearance at the Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, our team has consistently improved its performance. In Beijing, we came in the eighth place, and now in the second. It won’t be long before you are the first, and let us hope that this will happen in Rio de Janeiro.

Naturally, the state, the Government and all state agencies should make every effort to support you, and there is no doubt that we will. We must make sure that everyone who wants to prove himself or herself in such a noble cause has all the conditions required for this, in every Russian region.

You possess the qualities that victory is made of: not just excellent athletic shape and a good reserve, but first of all the unceasing fighting spirit that characterises our Paralympians.

The past games have shown once again that your strength of character, dedication and perseverance are unmatched in the world of sports. We are not just proud of you, we truly and deeply admire your courage, will and commitment to overcome the most difficult trials, never give up and manage your own destiny, no matter what the circumstances.

Your skill and stunning technique affirm the immensity of human capabilities, showing that the Paralympic Games and Paralympic sport are deservedly called the competition of strong people. And so it is.

Your example is unique, and it is valuable not only for athletes but also for millions of Russians. As people who know how to fight honestly in sport and in life, to overcome all difficulties and inspire everyone around them to fight for their own achievements and their own personal victories, you truly deserve the high state awards that will now be presented to you.

Once again I sincerely congratulate you on your excellent results.

Now let’s move to the main part of our programme, the awards ceremony.


Dear friends, once again thank you very much for your courage and your hard work, because sport requires true dedication and you deserve double praise for your achievements.

I want to ask you to convey our gratitude and words of praise to the coaches who trained the national team, the people who put their hearts, time and effort in this work. Also, our gratitude goes to your parents. Thank you and I wish you every success in the future!

September 11, 2012, The Kremlin, Moscow