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Meeting of Coordination Council for Implementing National Children's Strategy

May 28, 2013, The Kremlin, Moscow

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Ivanov took part in the second meeting of the Presidential Coordination Council for Implementing the 2012–2017 National Children's Strategy.

In his speech at the meeting, Mr Ivanov said that family is a category with special moral worth, which has traditionally occupied a central place in Russian culture; it is the foundation of a nation’s sovereignty and a guarantee of society’s harmonious development. In this connection, the elaboration of a national family policy in Russia should draw on the country’s own values and traditions.

The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office said that caring for families and protecting childhood, motherhood and fatherhood is the object of increasing governmental attention. In this respect it is important to build partnerships between the state, society and religion. It is also important to adopt measures to support families and improve the demographic situation, measures which are already producing results.

It is necessary to strengthen the institution of the family in every possible way, to increase its credibility and social significance, and to promote the revival of the values ​​of large, multigenerational families. It is also necessary to engage in meaningful work to prevent child abandonment and other negative practices. The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office said that the national family policy concept must be designed to facilitate this. He also noted that special attention should be paid to protecting orphans and children left without parental care.

During the meeting work on the state family policy concept was analysed. That document should not be merely declarative, but rather a truly objective, in-depth and informative guide to action that reflects the essence of ideology and national family policy, Mr Ivanov emphasised.

The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office also read aloud the President’s message to meeting participants.

The meeting was held in the run-up to International Children's Day, which is celebrated on June 1.

May 28, 2013, The Kremlin, Moscow