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Meeting of the Organising Committee of the Russia: Unity and Diversity national conference

October 27, 2022

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, Chairman of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations Magomedsalam Magomedov held a meeting of the Organising Committee of the Russia: Unity and Diversity national research and practice conference.

The discussion focused on organisational aspects of the preparations for and holding of the Russia: Unity and Diversity national research and practice conference, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations and the approval of the State National Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation.

The aim of the conference is to analyse the current situation, review the intermediate results of the Council’s activities and the implementation of the Strategy, to summarise the accumulated experience, to determine further priorities for the development of the management system and ways to overcome the existing challenges. The event will be attended by representatives of federal government bodies, research, educational and public organisations, leading experts from Russian regions, and media representatives.

The following panel sessions will be held in Moscow on November 16, 2022: The historical experience of the formation and development of the multi-ethnic Russian state; Strategic planning, institutional framework and legal regulation of the state national policy of the Russian Federation; Interaction between the state and society: Civil society institutions, national and youth associations working to implement the state national policy; Mechanisms for asserting Russian identity and civil accord in the multi-ethnic population of the Russian Federation; Preserving Russia’s ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity; Modern challenges to ensuring interethnic harmony in Russian society: External and internal factors and tools to address them; The Russian world as guarantor of interethnic peace and accord; and Information Support for the State National Policy.

The plenary session will take place on November 17, 2022.

October 27, 2022