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Address by Dmitry Medvedev to the Russia — Without Child Abuse movement participants

May 25, 2010

Russia’s Civic Chamber has launched the nation-wide Russia — Without Child Abuse movement.

The President’s address to the movement participants reads, in part:

“We are launching the Russia — Without Child Abuse movement today. It’s an important and timely initiative put forward by the Fund for the Support of Children who found themselves in difficult life situations.

It is well-known that there’s no such thing as someone else’s children. That is why it is important to quickly respond to each specific case of child abuse, systemically working to prevent social orphans, homelessness and child neglect, and, of course, to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance in the society of any violence towards children.”

* * *

The Russia — Without Child Abuse movement has been organized as part of the nation-wide public information campaign to counter child abuse, launched in 2010 on the instruction of the Presidential Council for the Implementation of Priority National Projects and Demographic Policy. The campaign was organized by the Fund for the Support of Children in difficult life situations. The year 2010 will mark the beginning of a systemic solution of the problem. The Russia — Without Child Abuse movement’s website ( was also presented at the launch ceremony held at the Civic Chamber. Any website visitor, an individual or an organisation, is welcome to join the movement. A ‘join-in’ ceremony took place as part of the web-site presentation with many Russian TV and movie stars, mass media and business representatives, and non-profit organisations joining the new movement.

May 25, 2010