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Working trip to Krymsk

July 15, 2012

Vladimir Putin visited flood-damaged areas of Krymsk and held a meeting on the disaster relief and clean-up operations.

The President met with Krymsk residents before the meeting began and proposed that they set up a citizens’ group to work together with town commission responsible for assessing the flood damage.

Vladimir Putin noted during the meeting that Krymsk residents have complained about long queues and the distance of assistance distribution centres. The President instructed Krasnodar Territory Governor Alexander Tkachev to improve the distribution of aid and set up distribution centres throughout the whole town.

In response to complaints about problems in getting vaccinations done, Mr Putin instructed the local authorities, together with the Healthcare Ministry, to organise proper vaccination work.

Mr Putin instructed the Investigative Committee to make an objective assessment of the action taken by officials at various levels in the different agencies and services responsible for warning the local population about the impending disaster, in order to identify those guilty of not properly informing people about the approaching floods.

This was the President’s second visit to the flood-hit area. Mr Putin held the first meeting on disaster relief and clean-up operations in Krymsk on July 7.

July 15, 2012