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Nationwide day of voting

September 8, 2013, Moscow

Vladimir Putin voted in the Moscow mayoral election at polling station No. 2151 in southwest Moscow.

Elections at various levels took place in 80 Russian regions on a single voting day. Gubernatorial elections took place in eight regions: Trans-Baikal and Khabarovsk territories, Moscow, Vladimir and Magadan regions, Chukotka Autonomous Area, Republic of Khakassia, and Moscow.

* * *

Question: Mr President, do you believe your candidate will win?

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Yes, of course I do, I’m sure of it.

Question: So, you think Moscow is in good hands?

Vladimir Putin: When it comes to big cities like Moscow, and even smaller cities, any towns and districts really, what they need are not politicians, however much we like that thought or not. 

What they really need are people who will get down to business and work on the specifics, people not caught up in politics, I’d even say, technical people who know how to work, know what to do and how to do it, and are willing to take responsibility. 

Another very important quality for anyone in a post like this is a goodhearted approach to people. You need to be aware of people, sensitive to them, and always make it your concern to solve their problems. You need to like people.

September 8, 2013, Moscow