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Opening of Adler Railway Station

October 28, 2013, Sochi

Vladimir Putin and President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach took part in the opening ceremony for the Adler Railway Station’s new terminal.

The new terminal, one of the infrastructure facilities built for the 2014 Olympics, is a modern transport hub that will eventually link together all different types of passenger transport. The railway station has an area of 23,000 square metres and passenger capacity of 15,000 people an hour. Mr Putin and Mr Bach arrived at the station on the new comfortable Lastochka train.

Speech at opening ceremony

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends,

I want to congratulate all Sochi residents on today’s wonderful event – the opening of this new railway station. Of course, I especially want to thank everyone who worked on this big project – the engineers, designers, and builders. I remember clearly the day we placed a capsule in the foundations here three years ago. It seemed then that there was so much to do that one hardly knew where to begin, as the saying goes, and as for when the project would actually be completed, it seemed hard to believe that it ever would be, given the enormous amount of work.

But today we see that the project has been completed. Friends, this is thanks to your hard work. I see here many of the people who worked at this site. Sochi now has a real transport gateway, a gateway to the city itself, to the entire southern Russian region, and of course to next year’s Olympics.

This station links into a single network all different transport modes – air, road, and rail of course. This will reduce the problems that people previously faced in terms of access and travel convenience, making getting around easier for our country’s people and for everyone coming to the Olympic Games.

The new Adler railway station stands out not just for its optimum logistics solutions and high throughput capacity, but also for the unique technical solutions used, such as the ‘green corridor’, energy efficiency solutions, and quality provision of a barrier-free environment.

The station has an original and distinctive exterior and brilliant architectural design. I am sure that it will become one of Sochi’s recognisable symbols, will convey the spirit and atmosphere of a modern, successful, rapidly developing and future-focused city, and will help Sochi to write its name in world sports history. 

There is only a little time to go, just over three months, before the big celebrations – the start of the Olympics. We hope to amaze everyone taking part in the Olympics, the athletes and the spectators, amaze them with the sportspeople’s memorable performances, the Games’ organisation, the cultural programme, and of course modern and high-quality facilities such as this new railway station in Adler.

Once again, I congratulate everyone in Sochi and thank you all for this excellent achievement and for this event of such importance for the city and the future Olympic participants – the completion of Adler’s railway station.

Thank you very much. Congratulations!

October 28, 2013, Sochi