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Acting President Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to French actress Brigitte Bardot

January 5, 2000

In his message, Mr Putin thanked Brigitte Bardot for her attention to the plight of animals all over the world, including Russia.

“I would like to hope that, in the new millennium, humanity will become kinder, more courageous and therefore more considerate of the weak and the defenceless owing to the work of such dedicated people as you. I believe politicians should pay more attention to your calls to action,” Mr Putin said.

The acting president agreed that this problem, which concerns Russia and other countries, does not yet receive enough attention. “Russian leaders, who now face a multitude of problems, must ensure nationwide tranquillity, security and stability, lay the foundations of economic growth and create the conditions for raising living standards. They must also care for the needy. But this does not mean that we can remain indifferent to the plight of animals, who live side-by-side with us on this planet, and whose future largely depends on us. Consequently, we must always retain humanity in our behaviour towards human beings and animals alike,” he said.

Mr Putin expressed hope that the relevant legislation would soon be drafted and submitted to the State Duma. He stressed that Russia was ready to take on board the positive experience of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.

The acting president also expressed hope that Ms Bardot would find the time to visit Russia, where she is much loved and respected.

January 5, 2000