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Acting President Vladimir Putin sent Christmas greetings to Orthodox Christians in Russia

January 6, 2000

In his message the acting president said:

“We have witnessed a great historic event – the Christian world has reached its 2000th anniversary.

Orthodoxy has traditionally played a special role in the history of Russia. It has not only served as a moral compass for every believer, but also as an unbending spiritual pivot for the entire people and the state. Based on the idea of love for thy neighbour, and on the commandments of goodness, mercy and justice, Orthodoxy in many respects has determined the character of Russian civilization. Its eternal truths, which have turned into the indefeasible laws of life, have in all centuries supported people in sorrow and in joy, returned hope to them and helped them find their faith. The monumental values of Christianity formulated two thousand years ago have retained their deep meaning right up to the present day.

As we enter the third millennium, I firmly believe that the ideals of Christianity will make it possible to strengthen understanding and accord in our society, and serve the spiritual and moral revival of our fatherland.”

Mr Putin wished all Russians health, peace and happiness.

January 6, 2000