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Acting President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Security Council Secretary Sergei Ivanov

January 6, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow

The discussion focused on the situation in the Chechen Republic and preparations for the upcoming summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The acting head of state endorsed an agenda for the Russian Security Council for the next six months. At its next meeting the Security Council will discuss a strategy for the development of the aircraft-building industry.

Mr Putin signed a decree making changes to Russia’s national security strategy, the Security Council secretary told reporters after the meeting. The 21-page document more clearly describes the notion of a multi-polar world and defines the problem of terrorism and organised crime in a new way, which according to Mr Ivanov, is now regarded as a political rather than criminal offence. The document contains proposals for neutralising those threats.

January 6, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow