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Acting Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to the delegates of a conference at the Russian Embassy in Germany; the conference, involving representatives of German political and public circles, discussed the future of Russian war graves and memorials in Germany

April 27, 2000

The message said:

“The preservation of the memory of those who gave their lives to liberate humankind from Nazism is a noble undertaking, uniting those who hold dear the uncompromising values of a united, peaceful and regenerating Europe.

Mr Putin sincerely thanked the German authorities, public organisations and many German citizens who had made a substantial contribution to preserving and improving Russian war graves and to restoring war memorials. “It is significant that this process is not only taking place in accordance with international law but is also motivated by moral considerations and a striving to preserve the memory of past events. I am pleased to say that the process involves many young activists who understand their responsibility to the future of Europe and Russian-German relations.”

“The people of Russia are deeply satisfied that our states and people have overcome animosity and confrontation and are now aspiring to reconciliation and partnership based on common values,” Mr Putin said in conclusion.

April 27, 2000