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Acting President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a resolution of the Cabinet “On Assistance to Election Commissions in Preparing and Conducting the Elections of the President of the Russian Federation”

January 17, 2000

The document gives instructions to ministries and departments.

The Finance Ministry was instructed to transfer the funds allocated in the 2000 federal budget for the preparations for and conduct of the presidential elections to the Central Election Commission within the timeframe specified by the law. The document recommended the Central Bank to guarantee that the election commissions’ accounts be opened in time.

The government instructed all ministries and departments to provide information for registers of voters.

In cooperation with other law-enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to guarantee public order and security during the preparations for and conduct of the presidential elections; specifically, it will be in charge of security in the election commissions and at voting precincts. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service were instructed to cut short illegal election campaigning, and immediately report violations to the election commissions.

The Ministry of the Press, TV and Radio Broadcasting, and Mass Communications is to control the distribution of free broadcasting time and printing space to the election commissions and registered presidential nominees, and to monitor compliance with the federal law on the elections of the head of state during the publication of election documents and campaign printed matter.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Committee on Land Policy and the Federal Tax Police Service, the Ministry of Taxation is to guarantee, at the election commissions’ requests, verification of information on the size and sources of income and property, and estate liabilities of the registered presidential nominees, their spouses and children.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the government’s plenipotentiary envoy to the Chechen Republic are to coordinate the assistance of the executive federal bodies to the election commissions in preparing and conducting elections on the territory of Chechnya.

January 17, 2000