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Acting President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with French President Jacques Chirac

January 18, 2000

The two heads of state had a lengthy conversation, during which they discussed plans for Russian-French cooperation in the short term. Mr Putin said he wholeheartedly supported Mr Chirac’s opinion about the need to promote strategic partnership between the two countries. Both leaders confirmed the intention to maintain intensive bilateral contacts at different levels and the immediate plan of a visit by French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine to Russia in early February 2000.

When they discussed the situation in the North Caucasus, Mr Putin expressed hope that France, whose citizens had more than once suffered from Chechen terrorists, would show more understanding for Russia’s efforts to liquidate international terrorism in that part of the country. Mr Chirac thanked the Russian leader for assistance in acquiring information about French freelance journalist Brice Fleutiaux, who was being held hostage in Chechnya.

Mr Putin and Mr Chirac spoke in favour of maintaining regular contacts and preparing a summit meeting after presidential elections in Russia.a

January 18, 2000