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Acting President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met Sergei Kiriyenko, leader of the Union of Right Forces (SPS) party, and Boris Gryzlov, leader of the Unity party

January 25, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow

The parties agreed to resolve a parliamentary conflict that flared up on January 18, after members of the SPS, Fatherland-All Russia (OVR), Russian Regions and Yabloko parties and deputy groups walked out of the first plenary session of the Third State Duma to protest the reportedly unfair allocation of top positions in the lower house of parliament.

The leaders of the SPS and Unity parties worked out a joint position to settle the parliamentary crisis. Mr Gryzlov and Mr Kiriyenko also reached a consensus on the need for joint actions to ensure equal rights for parties and deputy groups in legislative work.

Unity supported SPS’s legislative motions aimed at passing the Tax, Land, Customs and Labour Codes and other bills as soon as possible.

A decision was made to create new mechanisms for the State Duma’s work that would enable the parliamentary minority to fully participate in the legislative process.

January 25, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow