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Vladimir Putin gave a televised address to the nation

May 17, 2000, Moscow

The President spoke about bills that would soon be submitted to the State Duma.

Mr Putin said the bills had been drafted in line with the May 13 decree dividing Russia into federal districts. He said the goal of strengthening the integrity of the state had been supported by governors, Parliament and all Russians. The common aim of these bills is to enhance the effectiveness of the executive and legislative bodies, and to ensure the application of the constitutional principles of delimitation of powers and the integrity of the executive vertical structure.

The bills also propose changing the principles of forming the Federation Council. The President said that regional leaders should focus their attention on the problems facing their regions, while regional representatives in the Federation Council should address legislation on a regular and professional basis.

He also proposed revising the procedure for dismissing regional leaders and the regional legislative assemblies that pass laws in violation of federal legislation.

Mr Putin also said that since the President can dismiss regional leaders in certain cases, regional leaders should have a similar right regarding members of bodies subordinate to them.

The President said that all the bills had been drafted in keeping with the current Constitution.

May 17, 2000, Moscow