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President Vladimir Putin introduced his envoy, Konstantin Pulikovsky, to the regional leaders of the Far Eastern Federal District

May 26, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin, commenting on recent speculations about some kind of confrontation between some governors and the federal government, stressed that no one would succeed in sowing discord between the federal and regional authorities.

Speaking at a meeting with the leaders of the Far Eastern Federal District, the head of state underlined that the efforts currently being made by the central government were not aimed at weakening the regions. On the contrary, he indicated that the goal was to make the presence of the federal government in the regions more meaningful.

The President stressed the importance of regional leaders’ having enough power to perform their duties, and said that the main goal of the President’s plenipotentiary envoys was to make sure that the laws of the Russian Federation are strictly observed in all regions of the country.

Mr Putin said that all proposals made at such meetings were being analyzed and taken into account.

The head of state also discussed with the governors of the Far Eastern Federal District issues related to changes in forming the Federation Council, as well as the federal budget and the authority of the State Council.

May 26, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow