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President Vladimir Putin attended a Congress of the Unity all-Russian political movement

May 27, 2000, Moscow

Addressing the congress, the President stressed the need to develop the institutions of civil society and build an effective and transparent party system that is clear to the voters. These issues are government priorities on which the long-term viability and competitiveness of society and the state depend, Vladimir Putin said.

We need parties that are active in forming governing bodies and promote charismatic leaders capable of creating effective and responsible teams.

The President stressed that the major challenge facing executive and legislative branches of government was overcoming poverty in the country. This is the most important task now and is likely to be in the near future, he said.

Vladimir Putin drew the attention of the delegates to the need to restore the common legal space in the country while at the same time not calling into question the priorities and principles of federalism and the independence of regions.

May 27, 2000, Moscow