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After the G8 summit, President Vladimir Putin addressed a news conference and answered the journalists' questions at the International Media Centre

July 23, 2000, Okinawa, Japan

Vladimir Putin focused on the issue of terrorism and noted the need to expand the international system for combating terrorism and make it more effective.

The President said Russia and the United States were ready to step up their cooperation in order to draft the START III Treaty. He said non-strategic anti-ballistic missile systems were currently enough to effectively cope with the missile threat. Mr Putin confirmed Russia’s position on preserving the 1972 ABM Treaty.

Mr Putin said Russia would strive to become a full-fledged member of the World Trade Organisation and hoped to enter the WTO on normal membership terms. He added that the Russian authorities had already submitted the required package of documents to the WTO.

July 23, 2000, Okinawa, Japan