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Vladimir Putin answered journalists' questions

July 22, 2000, Okinawa, Japan

As he was addressing mass media spokesmen, the Russian President said that practically all summit leaders had responded positively not only to the latest Russian economic achievements but also the approach to settling the country’s problems.

The President said that the G8 leaders had discussed information protection and circulation, educational problems, Internet development, online trade and the related problem of consumer and state rights. Mr Putin pointed out that those problems were extremely relevant for Russia, considering its size. He stressed that Russia would pay major attention to public information support. The president called on G8 leaders to start e-mail exchanges to maintain close contacts.

The President said Russia was together with the entire world in its work on developing countries’ debt problem. Last year, it joined agreements made within the G8 and the Paris Club. Mr Putin reminded his audience that Russia was creditor of many Third World countries, whose debts it had inherited from the former Soviet Union.

July 22, 2000, Okinawa, Japan