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President Vladimir Putin signed the decree “On Establishing the Presidential Executive Office”

June 3, 2000

The Presidential Executive Office was decreed to consist of the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, his deputies and other officials, as well as of the following sub-divisions:

Main Territorial Directorate (combining the abolished Territorial Directorate, Directorate for the Coordination of Work of the Presidential Envoys to the Districts, and Local Self-Government Directorate);

Main Domestic Policy Directorate (combining the abolished Domestic Policy Directorate, Political Planning Directorate, and Public Relations and Culture Directorate);

Security Council Office;

Control Directorate;

State Legal Directorate;

Secretariat of the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office;

Foreign Policy Directorate;

Personnel Directorate;

Economic Directorate;

Experts’ Directorate;

State Decorations Directorate;

Citizenship Directorate;

Pardon Directorate;

Protocol Directorate;

Press Office;

Organisation Directorate;

Presidential Chancellery;

Document Processing Directorate;

Directorate for Communication and Public Feedback;

Consultants (with the status of a directorate), including presidential consultants;

Cossack Directorate;

Offices of the Presidential Envoys to the Federal Districts.

The decree abolished the Presidential Chamber for Information Disputes.

It is now established that the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office shall have 10 deputies, including two first deputies. It is decreed that the Presidential Executive Office shall also include the following officials: Presidential Envoys to the Federation Council, the State Duma and the Constitutional Court; the Presidential Press-Secretary; the Presidential Head of Protocol; Chief of the Presidential Chancellery; presidential aides; presidential advisers; and senior presidential consultant (heading the Consultants).

The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office was instructed to have the manning tables approved for the sub-divisions of the Presidential Executive Office and to carry out other organisational and establishment measures arising from the decree, within one month.

The State Legal Directorate was instructed to submit suggestions for bringing presidential acts in line with the present decree, within two months.

June 3, 2000