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President Vladimir Putin introduced his envoy, Sergei Kiriyenko, to the regional leaders of the Volga Federal District

June 2, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow

Russia’s seven federal districts must by no means turn into quasi-states, Vladimir Putin said at the ceremony of introducing Sergei Kiriyenko, his plenipotentiary envoy, to the regional leaders of the Volga Federal District.

The head of state offered the participants in the meeting to think together what limits should be set to the authority of presidential representatives in the federal districts.

In the opinion of the President, the issues of defense, security, foreign affairs and a common legal space should stay in the competence of federal agencies. He stressed that the appointment of presidential envoys to the federal districts should not lead to weakening of regional government bodies. Observing the principles of federalism is an absolute priority, as violation of these principles is fraught with numerous problems, Mr Putin said.

The President emphasised that all necessary conditions should be created to ensure that all elements of the vertical structure of power function reliably.

June 2, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow