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President Vladimir Putin took part in a meeting of the Coordination Council of CIS Prosecutor-Generals

June 29, 2000, President Hotel, Moscow

Addressing the forum participants, President Vladimir Putin said that events like the meeting of the Coordination Council of CIS Prosecutor-Generals brought the post-Soviet states closer to each other.

The President then focused on the content of Russia’s bilateral relations with members of the CIS. He mentioned the recent dialogue with the President of Azerbaijan, describing it as very constructive and solid. Meetings with the President of Belarus yield tangible results, Mr Putin emphasised.

He also said that the series of proposals Kazakhstan’s President had made on the improvement of inter-state relations in the post-Soviet space, could prove very useful.

As for Russia, the President went on to say, it would make every effort to help Moldova solve its problems.

Mr Putin referred to the settlement of the long and bloody conflict in Tajikistan as a unique result.

He repeated that Russia would support the Ukrainian President’s proposal to hold an informal CIS heads of state meeting in the Crimea on August 18 and 19, 2000.

Mr Putin welcomed the Kyrgyz Parliament’s initiative to adopt Russian as an official language in that country.

June 29, 2000, President Hotel, Moscow