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Acting President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended a commemoration service for troops of the 104th Airborne Regiment, Pskov Airborne Division, who were killed in a counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya

March 14, 2000, Moscow

Alexii II, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, served a commemoration liturgy at the Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church called in a sermon to honour the memory of valiant Russian warriors who gave their lives for their country. He also paid the tribute to the memory of the victims of all terrorist acts of recent years.

The Acting President forwarded a telegram of condolence to the friends and relatives of dead paratroops today. The message says:

“I share the bereavement of friends, relatives and comrades-in-arms of the dead soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 104th Airborne Regiment of the Guards.

“Our grief is immeasurable. Russia has lost its faithful sons, true soldiers, who defended their Fatherland. They did not retreat despite the tremendous numerical superiority of the terrorists. Each of the fallen heroes did his duty to his country with honour. Each bravely fought for the Russian land. Paratroopers’ heroism, willpower and self-sacrifice once again proved that the airborne troops deserve their glory. They were true soldiers of the Guards, and pride of the Army.

“I once again express condolence with the heroes’ friends and relatives. I share the bereavement and justified wrath of their comrades-in-arms – troops of the 104th Regiment and all Russian military.

“Glory to the heroes! Eternal memory to the dead!”

Mr Putin decreed high awards posthumously conferred on troops of the 104th Airborne Regiment, Pskov Airborne Division. Twenty-one received the title of Hero of Russia, and 63 the Order of Valour.

March 14, 2000, Moscow