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President Vladimir Putin sent a message to Vojislav Kostunica

October 6, 2000

The full text of the message reads:

“Dear Mr Kostunica,

In this truly serious hour for the friendly country of Yugoslavia, I express the hope that you, as leader of the democratic forces, who has taken upon yourself the responsibility for the future of the fraternal Yugoslav people, will succeed in doing everything necessary to overcome the internal political crisis that creates a great burden on top of the already serious consequences of outside intervention in your country’s affairs.

I am sure that you and your supporters, being committed to democratic values, will do everything necessary to ensure that events develop within the boundaries of the law and to guarantee the conditions for strengthening the legitimate foundations of legislative and executive power.

Today, as in the past, Russia will firmly and consistently support the unconditional preservation of Yugoslavia’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In this, and in other issues concerning stability, peace, and security in Yugoslavia and in the Balkans in general, the Yugoslav people will always be able to count on our support.

I am sure that the Yugoslav people, bound by close historical links of friendship to Russia’s people, will overcome these current difficulties with the dignity that characterises them and advance on the road to progress and prosperity.

I wish you success.

Vladimir Putin”.

October 6, 2000