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Vladimir Putin met with the President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Vojislav Kostunica

October 27, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow

The two Presidents first met in private, and were later joined by the members of their respective delegations.

Main topics discussed during the Russian-Yugoslav talks were current issues related to bilateral trade, economic and political cooperation, as well as regional security. The parties also discussed a wide range of issues covering the status of Yugoslavia in the international arena.

President Putin congratulated Vojislav Kostunica on his inauguration as the Yugoslav President and expressed support for his policy aimed at consolidating Yugoslav society and integration of the country in the international community.

The two leaders made a joint statement in which they once again confirmed their readiness to promote mutually beneficial economic, scientific, technical and cultural partnership, and also agreed to work closely together within international organisations, at multilateral conferences and forums to strengthen global peace and promote a stable and democratic Europe without any dividing lines.

The parties also stressed the importance of prompt reinstatement of Yugoslavia as a full member of global cooperation efforts, primarily its membership of the UN, OSCE and other organisations.

Russia and Yugoslavia expressed their intent to promote normalisation of the situation in the Balkans based on generally accepted norms and principles of international law, including respect for territorial integrity, sovereign equality of states, inviolability of frontiers, and peaceful settlement of disputes without using threats or force.

Both parties advocated strict observance of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo, creation of a democratic multi-ethnic society there, prompt commencement of political talks and conclusion of an agreement on the status of Kosovo as part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

In the joint statement, Russia and Yugoslavia also confirmed the significance of being consistent in implementing the framework agreement on peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and expressed their intent to actively promote its implementation in the interests of consolidating stability and security in the region.

After the talks Mr Putin and Mr Kostunica made a statement for the media and answered the journalists’ questions.

October 27, 2000, The Kremlin, Moscow