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President Vladimir Putin and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien held negotiations at the Parliament House

December 18, 2000, Ottawa

In a joint statement on cooperation in the sphere of strategic stability, which was adopted after a meeting of Mr Putin and Mr Chretien, the signatories confirmed their dedication to the cause of strategic stability and international security as one of their top current priorities.

As the statement says, Russia and Canada agree that the 1972 ABM Treaty is the cornerstone of strategic stability and an essential basis of international efforts for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. The parties hope START II will be fully implemented, and START III will be concluded as soon as possible to include radical reduction of strategic offensive weapons, with the ABM Treaty preserved and strengthened.

The Russian and Canadian leaders also made a joint statement on cooperation for Russia’s WTO accession.

The other documents signed in Ottawa include the Canada-Russia joint statement on cooperation in the Arctic and the North, an inter-governmental agreement on the principles and basis of cooperation between the regions of the Russian Federation and the provinces and territories of Canada, and a memorandum of understanding between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs to prepare a joint collection of archive documents.

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Jean Chretien addressed a joint news conference after the documents were signed.

December 18, 2000, Ottawa